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Written by Sara Riner
on September 20, 2018

It’s about taking a concept and running (for the roses) with it: Brown-Forman Engineering & Design Case Study

Brown-Forman approached Vivid Impact to produce a Kentucky Derby display featuring Woodford Reserve. The structural POP display, to be positioned at Kroger grocery stores, needed to look visually striking and represent the stately heritage of both the Kentucky Derby and Woodford Reserve Bourbon. It also needed to be designed quickly, and Vivid Impact was able to collaborate across several departments to deliver their vision to the starting gate.

“One of the things we really try to do here at Vivid is try to bring our clients’ ideas to life.” -Brad Wright, VP Customer Solutions

A Grandstand Design Comes to Life

Working with a creative and engineering team, the account executives met with the Brown-Forman print buyers to understand the full scope of the project – where and how it should be displayed, how many Woodford Reserve boxes the full display should hold, and how large of a space was available.

The initial concept for a pole topper ended up being too large, so several iterations were drawn and mocked up before settling on the end display. The main challenge, however, was finding the perfect 2D artwork to meld with the approved 3D concept. With Vivid Impact’s one-stop-shop capabilities, the finalized design was able to move immediately into print production.

Video Image

“We were able to make changes pretty quickly, being in this type of environment, and people were able to react to the client very easily.” – Sydney Kidd, Structural Engineer

A Carefully Crafted and Aged Relationship

The 20+ year relationship between Vivid Impact and Brown Forman made it possible to react quickly and meet tight deadlines. When the client-vendor relationship is based on trust and respect, it makes the give and take of a quick turnaround and multiple revisions a seamless process.  (Read more about choosing the best one-stop shop vendor.)

 “I am at ease using Vivid, I really am. They have saved me. I trust them with everything when I have a complex project. They’re my go to.” – Janelle Schlosser, Brown-Forman Print Buyer



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