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Written by Sarah Kays
on March 13, 2018

We have all encountered the occasional sales rep who clearly wants to be somewhere else, or the manager who is micromanaging their employee right
in front of you. These environments are palatable, and cast a dark shade on the retail experience that you have worked so hard to build.

Thinking beyond the graphics, your brand encompasses everything you are putting out into the world- that includes bad and good vibes.  When you think about retail stores that provide a great customer environment Trader Joe's is always up on that list. A recent article points out that the always friendly staff at Trader Joe's is actually a reflection of the company’s management style. Here are a few key takeaways that can be implemented to help improve your retail environment. 

Establish open lines of communication

“Each store runs with one captain, and a team of eight to 12 mates. Everyone else is crew.”

“If you don’t feel comfortable going to one manager about a problem or personal event? No problem, you have 10 others to speak to.”

Build an open collaborative environment

“Veterans feel safe about making suggestions or changing up methods without worrying that our managers’ egos would be threatened”

Allow team members to take ownership

“They expected us to take ownership of our success and mistakes but happily responded to requests for help or guidance.”

Be open to change and do not fear failure

“There are 1,000 right ways to do something”

but at the end of the day…

“It’s just groceries.”


Read the full article here.

At Vivid we take a holistic approach to maintaining your brand standards. From the initial design through manufacturing, Vivid is focused on brand quality control to ensure the best customer experience at the store level. Work with Vivid to see the how we think beyond printing.

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