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26 Jul 2018

One-Stop Shop vs. Best-of-Breed

Benefits, Nuisances, and Marketing Adoption

19 Jul 2018

10 Creative Influencers to Follow

We’ve put our “Brilliant Stamp of Approval” on 10 Social Media Influen...

13 Mar 2018

Beyond the print: Could Management Styles Affect your Retail Environments?

We have all encountered the occasional sales rep who clearly wants to ...

13 Mar 2018

Vivid Impact Achieves G7® Master Qualification

 Vivid Impact has achieved G7® Master Qualification, awarded by Ideall...

13 Mar 2018

Organized in 2018: DIY Desk Calendar

Let's get organized in 2018!  We are more than three months into 2018 ...

19 Jan 2018

Rethink Your Retail Window Real Estate

What does your storefront, specifically your window real estate say ab...

15 Jan 2018

Who's Who in Printing?

Vivid Impact has steadily climbed the Printing Impressions 400 ranking...

15 Jan 2018
Retail Signage | 2 min read

Poor Signage is Hurting Your Business and What You Can Do to Improve It

could poor signage be hurting your business? There is strong research ...

10 Jan 2018

Emerging Technology at Vivid

Vivid has a constant eye out for emerging technologies, equipment, and...

10 Jan 2018
Graphic Design Printing | 2 min read

Is Print Dead? Have a look at these numbers.

According to this survey conducted by the Graphic Design USA print is ...

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